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Top 5 Extreme Couponing Mishaps

Couponing & Reviewing in Texas: Top 5 Extreme Couponing Mishaps

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Top 5 Extreme Couponing Mishaps

This is why our motto is not Extreme Couponing, but Extreme Savings!!

Confrontations. Arrests. Thievery.   Sounds like a movie or LMN show, right? Wrong. These can be found in any local and national news stories, surrounding one of the most harmless activities out there: couponing.

Due to the popularity of TLC’s "Extreme Couponing," some shoppers are getting more than they bargained for in pursuit of savings. Coupon Sherpa reflects on the most extreme couponing mishaps to date.

1. "I Didn’t Know it Was a Crime."
Seriously! This month, compulsive-coupon-clipper Jamie VanSickler was charged with larceny theft, a misdemeanor carrying a potential jail sentence and hefty fine. She was caught in the act by a newspaper-carrier-turned-sting-agent, VanSickler took 185 leftover Sunday newspapers, indicating to police she didn’t realize it was a crime. Hello, taking something you don't pay for is STEALING!!

2. "No [Coupon] for You!"
When a mother of ten tried to redeem coupons at her local Kroger store in Georgia, the manager allegedly refused to take her clippings and called her a "habitual coupon user." This momma is not only the only victim of "coupon discrimination," as other shoppers around the country hit roadblocks at the register.

3. Just Another Day at Walmart
April Cuevas was temporarily banned from all Walmarts after an altercation involving competitor coupons. When the cashier refused to take the coupons, management was called and a series of unfortunate events ensued. Cuevas misinterpreted the intentions of four male shoppers headed her way during the argument, and attempted to film them. A supervisor allegedly scolded her and tried to knock the iPhone from her trembling hands. Upon exiting the store, Cuevas was pursued by a Walmart employee who demanded she return to "the scene of the crime," and even chased her vehicle as Cuevas left the parking lot.  This is INSANE!!  I have to say...keep your head, it's only a coupon and not worth all this.

4. Coupon Capers
Lock your doors, close your drapes, and hold tight to your…er…newspapers; there’s a new kind of criminal in town. As arrests of self-proclaimed "discount-seeking thieves" escalate around the country, police warn concerned citizens of an increase in newspaper theft.   All I have to say is RIDICULOUS!!

5. Discount Diva Dishonored
On the cusp of a new season of "Extreme Couponing," coupon enthusiasts cried foul when one of the featured shoppers was recognized as Jaime Kirlew, aka "Diva for Coupons." Kirlew made a name for herself on YouTube, unwittingly filming her unscrupulous strategy of barcode matching during a shopping trip to Target. After receiving numerous nastigrams, Kirlew quickly threw her enabler (BeCentsAble) under the bus and later admitted to coupon fraud.

Thanks to 3 Boys and a Dog for this great information

From August 22, 2011


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