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How to Figure Percentage Saved

Couponing & Reviewing in Texas: How to Figure Percentage Saved

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How to Figure Percentage Saved

There are two easy ways to see what percent your savings are for a trip. The method I use is:

To figure out what percentage you saved: take the total price(TP) minus the oop(OOP) price, divide by the difference (Diff) gives you a dec#, times 100.

TP - OOP = Diff, Diff / TP = dec#, dec# x 100 = % Saved

or to simplify:

TP-OOP/TP x 100 = % saved

example: 249.03-45.43/249.03*100= 81.75

Some people use another method.

Divide small # by large # then multiply that x 100. Then take that number and subtract it from 100. It looks like this:

45.43 / 249.03 = 0.1824., 0.1824 x 100 =18.24. 100 - 18.24 = 81.76

The hundreth of a percent difference is because of the difference caused by numbers beyond the thousandth place.


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